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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ninth Ward NYC

We stopped in at Ninth Ward for drinks and bites on the way to Webster Hall to see a show; unfortunately, I forgot to snap some photos, but it is worth a little write-up.  I must say, I've always wanted to try this seems right up my alley since I spent 2-3 times a year traveling to New Orleans on family vacations.  I am certainly passionate about Southern food, and especially Cajun Southern food and drink. 
Getting to your perfectly situated booth or table involves walking down a dark hallway eerily suggestive of New Orleans' voodoo shops with the chachkis showcased behind wrought-iron.  The cocktails were quite impressive, particularly The Bloody, Bloody Mary infused with garlic-basil vodka; but more impressive was the freshly grated horseradish.  I was hesitant ordering the chicken sandwich, but after what else arrived at the table, I was happy I didn't back out.  The Bleu Bayou Burger was tiny and served with spicy praline chocolate bacon and melted bleu cheese, but guess what?  There wasn't any bleu cheese and the chocolate bacon was literally covered in flavorless chocolate and zero praline spiciness.  The 'paillard' chicken sandwich on ciabatta, a fairly plain dish, was at least consistent.  The herb mayo paired nicely with the juicy chicken.  All the sandwiches come with chips, but you can chose thin fries if you shell out $2 extra (it isn't worth it). 

An appetizer special, Gators on Horseback (bacon-wrapped jalapenos stuffed with shrimp and cheese), were a total let-down.  I've had better jalapenos stuffed with plain cream cheese at a pub.  I didn't taste any shrimp, but given the burger was missing cheese, these might have as well.

For happy hour, chicken sandwich or shrimp po-boy (lots of shrimp), Ninth Ward is worth the trip.  It has a cool, dark vibe inside as well as a lovely outdoor patio for warmer weather.