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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Village Voice Choice Eats 2010

Monday evening I went to my first ever tasting event, The Village Voice Choice Eats hosted by Slow Food NYC. The event featured over 50 restaurants along with beer and wine pairings. The cuisine chosen by food critics, Robert Sietsema and Sarah Di Gregorio, truly exhibits New York's influence on a global scale.

It's difficult to plow through 50 small bites, especially when most are pork and beef, but somehow we ate about 30. I tried to stick to the places I hadn't already eaten outside the tasting and drink beer I had never tried.

Some dishes tasted:
Highlands - sausage rolls wrapped in phyllo with mustard
Hummus Place - hummus & pita
Bunny Chow - Bunny Chow stuffed loaf with curry, mango chutney and toasted coconut lamb
Despana - Spanish meat & cheeses on Bread
Rajbhog Sweets & Snacks - Indian chickpea with tamarind sauce
Smorgas Cafe - meatballs with mashed potatoes and lingonberries (my fav!)
Txikito - Meatballs on baguette
Xi'an Famous Noodles - Cold, spicy noodles
Max - lasagna

If you haven't attended an event such as this, I highly suggest it! You need to arrive on the early side (some stations were finished after serving 700 tastings in an hour) and deal with a somewhat pushy crowd; but it's a bargain for $45!