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Friday, September 17, 2010

Little Owl Brunch

Head to the tree-lined streets of Bedford early to avoid the long wait for the unbeatable bacon cheeseburger (with a hint of maple syrup in the bun!!!) served with crispy fries. Arrive too late and you will be perched above diners on a wooden bench.

Poached eggs atop fontina sausage buns, greens and hollandaise

EQUALITY for all!

Little Owl 90 Bedford Street (212) 741-4695

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Fork in the Road: Dong Bang (Ft. Lee, NJ)

Just across the GWB sits Ft. Lee and it boasts with tons of Korean food. Dong Bang might not be the most authentic spot there, but is a good introduction to Korean barbeque and all the kimchee one could dream of.
The table covered in bowls of kimchee before we even ordered drinks.

Bulgogi - Thin slices of Rib-Eye steak in DB marinade topped with mushrooms

Al Jigae - Finely shredded beef with scallions, mushrooms and clear noodle in spicy beef base soup. Once the spices set overnight, it made for an incredible leftover dish.

If you're over the bridge, make the stop...just for the kimchee alone.

Dong Bang 1616 Palisade Avenue Ft. Lee, NJ 08204