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Friday, June 4, 2010

SHUTTERED: Bee Desserts

Claudia Steves' renamed La Palette has just reopened on Greenwich Avenue with the same menu as its predecessor.

The tilapia sandwich ($12) looked appealing with its sesame seed bun, deep-fried bananas and asiago cheese, but lacked flair. The green sauce, which would have brought the dish together, simply wasn't strong enough. The asiago was the only element keeping it together, and the tilapia could have used a dash of salt.

Forget the pulled pork altogether...not even worth the mention, dry and bland.

DO pick up the foil-covered speciality honeycakes. The spongy honeycake is enclosed in a dark cocoa shell, come with marshmallow, liqueur and almond and made with zero sugar. The quaint back garden (along with sweet strings of lights) is lovely for an evening of sipping wine and eating pleasurable desserts, but hardly much else.

Bee Desserts 94 Greenwich Avenue @ Jane Street